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My Background

I have been a Massage Therapist for over 23 years. I have been trained and certified in various modalities and techniques. I obtained my training at Austin School of Massage in Austin, Texas. I am a member of AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association).  My faith and family are closest to my heart! I have worked with some top notch spas including Lake Austin Spa Resort and Horseshoe Bay Resort. I look forward

to continual growth in the health industry, and also in meeting and caring for you as a new or returning client!

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What is Massage?

Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues in the body which relaxes muscle tissue and reduces painful contractions and spasms. It provides an overall feeling of calmness, and produces feelings of comfort, caring and connection


Here is a list of many of the other benefits!

  • Reduces nerve pain throughout the body

  • Helps alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress improves digestion

  •  relieves headache and migraine pain

  • increases circulation

  • eases joint pain and improves mobility

  • releases endorphins & enhances mood

  • increases flow of lymph and enhances immune system

  • lowers blood pressure

  • improves flexibility

  • reduces tension in the muscles

  • speeds healing of soft tissue injuries

  • improves mental alertness

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